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10 Years of Endeavour

Size - 9" x 6"

315 Pages
44 Chapters
49 Colour Photographs
80 Monochrome Photographs

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………is a story about Motor Racing, not any motor racing, but a detailed, in-depth comparison spanning the years from the 1930s into the 21st century.

      Remembering the circuits, comparing the drivers, logging the cars’ technical, mechanical developments and now assessing the governing bodies’ administering of a noble sport.

      Sport it once was: now the reader can evaluate, personally, if motor racing continues to be a sport, a business, a circus or a play-ground for people becoming immensely rich participating in the sport of Princes and Kings, all paid for by the we, the public.

      ‘10 Years of Endeavour’ investigates Formula I, the demise of Formula II, Formula III, the fabulous, large engine sport-racing cars competing in nations’ colours, bringing the nations’ pundits to their feet in intense rivalry enjoyed by gentlemen.

      The international scene is scrutinised, bringing excitement to the reader who was not able to travel to the shores of distant lands and who will not any longer be able to visit venues lost to history. The national scene is studied in detail, bringing to the fore details which spectators, previously, never had any knowledge.

      The story is an in-side tale of motor racing as seen, and experienced from the cock-pit of racing cars, based upon the author’s own experience over a period of 10 Years. It is true to say that never, previously, has any reader been privy to this type of detail together with the ‘behind the scenes’ activities at the race tracks throughout the U.K.

      The opportunity is now in your hands evaluating the maturity of motor sport and, without missing any jig-saw pieces, resulting in the narration extending to three volumes.

      Volume I encompasses the changes in life from the ‘thirties to the end of 1959. Volume II continues the in-depth narrative and Volume III advances into the twenty-first century completing the comparison as evolved by maturity. 

      Grateful contributions by Sir Stirling Moss, O.B.E. F.I.E., Roy Salvadori, Tony Brooks and John Surtees M.B.E. are acknowledged


ISBN: 981 903029 01 5

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