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The Keracolor story is indeed a story of enterprise, endeavour and achievement beginning in the year 1960 in Malta: the author relaxing on the swimmers' raft surrounded by thousands of television aerials.

It occurred to him that when colour transmission commences there must be a 'killing' for a television presentation which will attract the attention of the general public. With this thought in mind his fertile thinking leads him to envisaging the Keraclonic Sphere. The first round television in the world, of British conception, proudly displaying the Union Jack as yet another enterprise leading the globe.

So different from what the author describes as 'coffins', the style is an immediate 'hit' and the desire of the discerning public.

From merely a thought, the development and manufactire is chronicled in fascinating detail which will captivate the public and readers eager to understand how dedication to detail and perserverance builds an empire of British achievement.

Exporting to so many distant lands, which we learn about at school alas, so many times Britain has lead the world only to give the incentive to overseas enterprises: the story leading and progressing into the latter section of the epistle which has been entitled 'reflections'.

Entertainment, History, Knowledge.


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